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What must be considered when downgrading from Excire Search 2 to Excire Search?
If you have tested Excire Search 2 and want to switch back to Excire Search 1.4, you can do the following:

  1. Close Lightroom.
  2. Uninstall Excire Search 2. When asked if you want to remove your Excire Search databases, select "No".
  3. Delete your Excire Search database. It is located next to your Lightroom catalog and has the file name "<Your Catalog Name> Excire.excat".
  4. Restore the backup of your previous Excire Search database. This backup was created when you upgraded to Excire Search 2. It has the file name "<Your Catalog Name> Excire.excat.old". To restore the backup, remove the ".old" at the end of the file name. The file is now called "<Your Catalog Name> Excire.excat".
  5. Install Excire Search 1.4:
    Excire Search version 1.4.1
  6. Start Lightroom.

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