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Can Excire Search be moved after installation?
During the installation, any location can be selected for the installation on Windows. The default path is "C:\Programs\Excire Search". On Mac OSX only the default path ("/Applications/Excire Search") is possible. Excire Search consists of the Lightroom plugin (excire-search.lrplugin) and a background program. Both are located in the installation directory.

After installation, the program must not be moved to another location.

If the program has been moved, a later uninstallation cannot be performed properly. If a newer version is installed later, only the Lightroom plugin will be updated, but not the background program. As a result, Excire Search will not start anymore. The error message "Excire Search was not installed correctly. Please reinstall Excire Search" appears. Contrary to the error message, however, reinstalling the Excire Search will not correct the error.

Solution of the problem:

The problem can only be solved by either moving Excire Search from its new location back to the default location or (Mac OSX only) by deleting it here. This must be done manually. Afterwards the current version (see announcements) can be reinstalled.

If you can't remember where you moved Excire Search to, you can open the Terminal on Mac OSX and copy the following command into it:
/System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Support/lsregister -dump | grep --only-matching "/.*/ "
The path to Excire Search should then be shown. All copies that are not in the original installation location (see above) must be deleted for the installation to work again.

Alternatively, the search of the file manager (Windows Explorer / Finder) can be used on both operating systems.

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