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Why is the metadata of some photos not read?
Basically, Excire Foto loads the metadata (Exif, IPTC, XMP) of photos when they are registered.

If the option "Load keywords from analyzed photos" is activated in the settings in the tab "Metadata", the keywords already saved in the photo are also loaded during the addition to Excire Foto.

For technical reasons, the analysis of the photos must be performed directly when they are added in order for this to work. Adding new photos without the "Analyze photos" option and then triggering the analysis will not load the existing keywords.

In order to read keywords that have been assigned with another program, the keywords must be saved with the respective program in the image file or in the corresponding XMP file. However, when importing keywords that have been saved as a hierarchy, the hierarchy cannot be imported. The contained keywords are read in as individual keywords. In contrast to the keywords displayed in blue, which result from the image analysis of Excire Foto, the keywords already contained in the photo are treated as "user-defined" keywords and displayed in grey.

When reading the metadata, Excire Foto is currently dependent on the operating system supporting the respective image format. RAW formats of newer cameras are not yet supported by Windows and Mac OSX. In this case, even Excire Foto cannot read these photos or the metadata contained in these photos.
For Windows, there is an extension from Microsoft called "Raw Image Extension" that allows Windows Explorer and the image viewer to display the photos and their metadata, but on Excire Foto this only has the effect that the photos can be registered and analyzed. The metadata can still not be loaded. Under Windows, for example, the formats ORF, CR3 and partly also CR2 have this limited support.

Also for already registered photos the metadata can be loaded or updated afterwards by selecting the respective photos and activating the item "Load metadata" in the menu "Photo".

Attention: Only if the option "Always use XMP files" is activated in the "Metadata" tab of the settings, metadata for non-RAW formats, such as JPG and DNG, are also looked for in the corresponding branch files. For RAW files, the branch files are always taken into account.

With "Save Metadata" in the "Photo" menu, the metadata of Excire Foto can be saved in the selected photos or in your XMP files.

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