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First impressions and suggestions
(13.07.2020, 19:12)waynedwilson schrieb: I like the AI search features and suggested keywords.  That works very well.  I am nearly convinced that this might be the photo manager I need.

I was hoping to use excrie foto to help me cull photos as well.  The best way to do that would be in the Preview View.  But, I can't select multiple photos from the strip for deletion or other file action.  I shoot jpeg+raw and to delete just one image takes two delete operations, not ideal.
Another culling function  I use all the time is the ability to select several candidates and bring them up in a file comparison browser.  I use FastStone for this now as it has the best version of file comparing I have seen.  But, I am looking for just one file management program, to replace my use of the file explorer (for deleting jpg+raw pairs), FastStone (for culling jpegs, but it's too slow for raw files, so after deleting jpegs I have to go the the file explorer to delete the raw pair) and FastRawViewer for selecting raw files to further edit.

Thank you very much. These are some great suggestions.

Zitat:In the Gallery view it would be nice to see either the type of file or the filename displayed in the grid above or below each photo.  This facilitates selecting either the jpeg or the raw to send to an editor.  I initially thought that this information was missing completely because on the right side panel I was viewing metadata and this caused the filename to scroll out of view.
We have already discussed this internally and can confirm that this will be added in a future update. Would the distinction between RAW and JPEG be enough or would you like to see the entire filename or maybe only the file extension?

Zitat:Can jpeg+raw be stacked?  The manual suggests that stacking of images is possible, but I can't see any way of doing that as the option is always grayed out for both jpg+raw selections and even for two jpegs that differ only in a suffix.
The only restriction for stacking is that the photos need to be in the same directory. I can't think of a case where the option should be grayed out, though. 

Zitat:There is no metadata for Canon CR3 files, but otherwise they seem supported.  Is this perhaps because the version of libraw.dll is older?  I also use Fastraw Viewer from the libraw developers and it displays CR3 metadata.
We are currently working on vastly improving metadata support. This is one of our top priorities right now.

Zitat:Finally, the ability to send photos to other programs is not ideal either.  In my case, using Windows 10, the operating system does a rather poor job of showing programs in the open-with functions.  It's always changing, sometimes a program I want is there, other times it's now.  Selecting programs using the other option is often not sticky, i.e. that selection will then unpredictably disappear.  In  many other cases, it lists far too many programs.  For example I never open jpeg files with Libre Office, but that's always an option.
I think it would be good to be able to customize which programs show up in the "Open with..." context menu. It's very likely we will add this feature eventually.

Thank you very much again for your feedback. It's very helpful and we very much appreciate it.

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