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First impressions and suggestions
I'm very impressed by Excire Foto and purchased it the day after getting a trial version. The suggested tags have a high degree of accuracy and the hierarchical tags are fantastic for narrowing down to specific content.

Like I mentioned in other thread, I think specific person identity tagging is a major lacking feature right now.

The only other big feature request is to have the app track your views as you navigate the app, so that you can easily jump back to where you were a few minutes ago - like a web browser Back button. I have tens of thousands of photos on my computer, and it would often happen in Excire Foto that while browsing the photos, I get sidetracked doing some searches (e.g. for similar photos), and then I want to backtrack to what I was looking at before the search. But I can't find a way to do it, so I lose where I was up to.

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RE: First impressions and suggestions - von amedlin - 24.10.2021, 05:34

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