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Plug-in to merge Keywords
Do you have a option or plug-in so the keywords generated by Excire can be added to Lightroom's keywords. This would be very helpful. I don't like the idea of having 2 sets of keywords. Plus, I upload many of my photos to my WordPress site & having the keywords as Alt Text/Tags is important to me.

we already have developed an additional Module for our Lightroom Plugin, that will add the Keywords detected by Excire Search to your Lightroom Katalog.

The Module is currently in prototype phase and will probably be available in a few weeks.

Hi Sebastian,
I'm looking at purchasing your software for the same reason... I need it to keyword my images but don't want to have separate keyword areas. If you are able to release this module to apply keywords to the main LR list I would definitely purchase the software Smile
Can you tell me what is the status of this question. Is the ability to merge Keywords with Lightroom (or hopefully other DAM type photo apps) now available. I recently purchased Excire foto and am quite impressed, especially with its ability to sort out types of images and individual people, but would like to be able to export keywords to other photo catalogues like Lightroom. Don't tell me I purchased the wrong version, please.

This question was originally about our Lightroom Plugin Excire Search. The functionality to transfer the keywords from Excire Search to Lightroom has been available for a while. You can read all about transferring keywords in Excire Search on this help page (which is not only valid for Excire Search Pro, but also for the newer Excire Search 2).

Excire Foto on the other hand, is our standalone product that works separately from Lightroom. But Excire Foto also supports exporting of keywords, so they can be used in other software like Lightroom.

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