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FAQ Overview - Sorted list of all questions
Important before you buy:

On how many computers can I use my Excire Foto license?

Excire Search or Excire Foto?


How do I use my license key?

Database, previews and backups:

What must be considered when downgrading from Excire Foto 2022 to 2020?

How can I create a backup of the database and import it?

How can I move the Excire Foto default database?

Excire Foto reports a corrupt database at the first start

Can I use the same database from multiple computers?

Is the import of an Excire Search database possible?

File formats, metadata and exports:

(Windows) Certain RAW formats cannot be displayed, what can I do?

What must be considered when loading and saving metadata?

What must be considered regarding metadata when using other programs?

Why is the metadata of some photos not read?

When are XMP files used to store metadata?

How to import photos to Lightroom with Excire Foto ratings and keywords

How to use files in HEIC format?

Open with:

"Open with" does not show a certain program, what can I do?


Forgot your license?

How can I move my photos to an external drive? / What do I need to take care of?
As a new user of Excire Photo please excuse me if I am posting in the wrong place. But seems at present the only place to ask my question.
Which is I use two monitors on my PC but EP does not appear to be fully compatible with such, and is not displaying correctly, and I can find no way of resetting Excire Photo. As a new user I wonder if I am missing some possible function/option to correct the display.
I have been using two monitors without any previous problems for over 10 years so don't believe it could be my PC at fault.
Can you please advise. Thank You.
I have updated the list of questions.

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