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Database not found after Lightroom update
Some versions of Lightroom Classic rename the catalog when updating to the new Lightroom version. For example, a catalog with the name "My Catalog" will be named "My Catalog-v11". After renaming, however, Excire Search can no longer find its own database. This is because the Excire Search database is always located next to the Lightroom catalog and has the same name with the additional extension " Excire.excat". 

Example: The database of the catalog "My catalog.lrcat" is called "My catalog Excire.excat".

Now that the catalog has been renamed after the Lightroom update, but the Excire Search database has not, Excire Search reports a missing database on startup. You now have two options:
  1. Create a new database
  2. Search for the previous database. You will see the Excire Search databases (files with the .excat extension) in the folder of your Lightroom catalog. Now select the database that has the name of your catalog BEFORE it is renamed by the Lightroom update.
    Example: Your "My Catalog" catalog has been renamed to "My Catalog-v11". The Excire Search database to select is "My Catalog Excire.excat".
    After selection, it is automatically renamed so that it is now called "My catalog-v11 Excire.excat".
If you have accidentally created a new database, you can correct this by closing Lightroom and deleting the newly created database (or renaming it, if your are not sure it is the empty database). The next time you start Lightroom, you will be prompted for the database again. Now select "Search for Database" and follow the instructions in step 2 (see above).

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