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Excire Search Version 1.4.1
This is an update for Excire Search 1, that fixes the following issues:
  • Fixed an error that occurred since Lightroom 10 when the option "For stacks, only initialize the top photo" was enabled.
  • On MacOS 11 (Big Sur) Excire Search 1.4 could not be installed because of new security policies. The new version satisfies these policies.

Edit (11-2021): For macOS, version is now available, which fixes a problem with stricter security requirements under macOS 12 (Monterey) that caused previous versions to no longer start here.
Attention: Excire Search 1 users who upgraded to macOS 12 before installing this update will not be automatically notified of the new version when they launch Lightroom Classic. They will need to click the "Check for update" button in the PlugIn Manager in the section of Excire Search, or use the direct link above.

Unlike Excire Search 2, Excire Search 1 is not available as a native variant for arm64 Macs (M1 processor). However, the "macOS (x64)" variant can be run on them using Rosetta 2.
Excire Search 1 up to version 1.4.1 no longer starts under macOS 12 (Monterey) due to stricter security requirements. Version (for macOS only) fixes this issue (see above).

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