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Why so many previews are missing ?
I use a old digital back as PhaseOne P30 with my 500 C/M... with ext. ".IIQ" that doesn't preview images, there is a list of RAW files approved or incompatibility files ?

I've now analyzed all my 150'000+ photos and some fies have no preview :

- Some PSD layered
- Some TIF layered
- IIQ extension

There are more "surprises" ? Ii took almost 15 hours to complete the scan...

I'm a professional user, I've some questions to staff and I need answers : 

- Do you have any idea why preview is missing ?
- Do you plan to update these missing file previews ?

Thanks for your answers  Smile

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A list of supported image formats can be found in the user manual. Additionally, version 1.1.0 also added support of ".rwl" files.
We do not yet support Photoshop ".psd" files, but ".iiq" and ".tif" should work.

You could try rebuilding previews by selecting the photos, right-clicking and choosing "Build previews for photo(s)". If that doesn't help, you could send us one of each of the photos (".tif" and ".iiq") that aren't working to, so we could further investigate the issue.

Also, if you're using Windows, make sure you have the Microsoft Raw Image Extension installed.

Thank you very much!
Thanks, for your answer, I've a lots fo PSD layered files... do you plan to include PSD files ? I've also some very large TIF files (2 Gb +) is there a limitation size file ?
After few hours testing you app, I think there is a very god one :-) just miss PSD files compatibility...
Best, Smile
Thank you very much. We do indeed have plans for adding PSD support in the future.
Large TIF files should work fine in principle, but if many large files are processed in parallel, issues regarding memory usage may arise. I am not sure if there are absolute limits in terms of file size in place to prevent those issues, but I will look into that. In the meantime, I'd suggest trying some of those large files using the trial version.


EDIT: there is no absolute limit on the file size.

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