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"Relocate "is greyed out for all folders. If that is the case, how do you organize folders within the database?
Only if Excire is missing a folder, you can search for it with this function.
As of now, Excire Foto does not support reorganization of folders directly. The only way to do it, would be to move the directory on the filesystem via the systems file explorer and use the "relocate" function to let Excire Foto know, where the directory was moved to.
In that case, since that is one of the major requirements of DAM, I would say it is premature to be offering Excire as a full-fledged application with a price tag. I currently use IMatch, but I find it overwhelming and considered Excire an interesting alternative until I cam across this limitation.
Our focus thus far has been on creating a standalone AI-assisted tagging and search engine that we're continuously expanding to support more and more workflows. Relocating of individual photos and folders from inside the program is definitely be something that we'd like to include in a future update, though. So it's definitely worth to keep an eye out for future releases.

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