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Javascript error
What gives? I can start only with ADMIN rights on WIN10 64bit and eset antivirus.
Please let me know what should be done, not losing my data in the process.
Same problem for me, Windows 8.1. Only difference is that I get the error message even trying to run with admin rights.
Even here with BitDefender. Run as admin works as workaround.
Indeed, Bitdefender can interfere with Excire Foto, which it, of course, should not be doing.

You can test that by deactivating Bitdefender for a moment, while installing and registering Excire Foto.
If it works, you know it is Bitdefender causing the problems.

We have informed the developers of Bitdefender that they need to update their program, and in more current versions of Bitdefender this issue seems to be resolved.
The Javascript error can have different reasons, lying in the depth of the Windows system.

Please make sure to update to the newest version of Javaskript, and install the newest Windows updates.

If the installation does not work, please contact our support team by email to

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